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I need help with music!!!!

I have a bit of a problem at school, and I was wondering if you guys could help. For out Comm Tech final project, our group needs to make a music video. Well, our group has sight taste differences. First, there's me, who barely knows the names of any singers besides Christian bands. I won't be involved with anything that promotes drug, suiside, or devil worship. Then there's Sam, who loves that stuff. Now we need to find something that we can both agree on.
Here's what we have decided:
1. the song is going to be somewhat bittersweet with at least some angest.
2. it has to be applicable to a music video.
3. punk/rock is preferred.
I'd like to have a Christian song, if possable. If I could get some suggestions for songs, that would be great. I'd also really apreciate it if you would pray that God would give me the ability to stand up for my Christian principals: to tell the truth in love.
Thanks so much,
Lady Jane

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