shendolin (shendolin) wrote in canadians4jesus,

I'm trying to compile a list of Bible verses for a friend. However, my knowledge of this specific subject in the Bible is between minimal and nonexistant, so I'm asking for some help.

Specifically, my friend is going through a really hard break up, and I am looking for verses to help them. This includes verses such as ones that encourage telling us that God will continue loving us even if the world turns it's back, and anything else that could help them through this time. It's kinda a last munite thing I am putting togeather, as they are leaving tomorow, and I won't see them for a couple weeks at least, and I accept that most people don't have the verses memorized, but if you can even remember the gist of a verse related to this, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks for reading this, even if you can't help, please just say a little prayer for them in this tough time they are going through, and also please pray that God may give me the words to say to support them in this time.
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