February 24th, 2004



So, what denominations are people members of? Interested in? Find crazy/boring/stupid?

Personally, I went to a Presbyterian church when I was REALLY little, and I've been at an Anglican one since. I don't really like my church all that much, I find it's too politically correct, too comfortable, too lukewarm. As far as I can tell, most of these people go to church because that's where their parents took them. And the youth group is no better. There's no modern worship, or even slightly meaningful worship or prayers or music.... yeah. < /rant>

So, the only reason I'm still at my chruch is that God is keeping me there, I think to try and dig out the youth group. [Word of advice: Never complain to God about ANYTHING!!!. He will make you fix it.] So yeah. That's all for now.

God Bless

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