March 16th, 2004


I only just discovered this community yesterday. I have commented on a couple posts, so I thought I would join and introduce myself.

My real name isn't Dunmoose. That is a joke name given to me on a mailing list I subscribe to. It combines the first syllable of my real first name with the fact I am Canadian. Thus Dun+Moose. I am not Ageless either. I'm 40. On that mailing list of which I spoke, there was a discussion of chronological age and its importance or lack thereof. At the end of my post on the subject, I signed myself "Dunmoose the Ageless". The name stuck!

I have lived in 6 out of 10 provinces and currently live in Ottawa. I have a degree in English and History and currently work as a Technical Support Agent for an ISP.

I was not raised as much of anything. My parents were Ukrainian Catholic, but only really went to church for baptisms, marriages, and funerals, in other words for hatchings, matchings,and dispatchings! I was put up for adoption at the age of 12 and was eventually adopted by my maternal grandparents who were devout Ukrainian Catholics. So I went to mass and catholic high school even though I did not consider myself "catholic" at the time. I simply could not stand the stultifying ritual and denominationalism.

I have attended many fundamentalist/pentecostal churches, mainline protestant churches such as anglican and lutheran, but I "came home to Rome" about a decade ago, for reasons both personal and theological. I am active in my home parish of Notre Dame.

Since adolescence, I have had a "pull" to some sort of full time ministry, but many things have gotten in the way over the years. That "pull" is still there, and I believe it is a call to monastic life in the Benedictine tradition. The last thing in the way is a financial impediment. Well, my age is a problem for some monasteries as well! This is especially true of the more theologically conservative and contemplative ones.