June 6th, 2004


Anglican General Synod

Hey everyone! I don't know how many others here go to an Anglican Church, but they just had their General Synod [big national meeting thing] in St Catherines. One of the issues that they were talking about was blessing same-sex unions. Here are parts of a letter my church received from our bishop.


I want to share with you my understanding of some of the decisions that were made regarding the issues of committed same sex unions.

First, General Synod deferred consideration of the blessing of committed same sex unions until Gerenal Synod 2007, and requested that our Canadian Primate's Theological Commission consider whether the blessing of such is a matter of doctrine. The report is to be prepared for study by Provinces, Dioceses, and the Hous of Bishops, by 2006.

Second, we affirmed the continued ned to study the subject through respectful dialogue; examining the biblecal, theological, liturgical, pastoral, scientific, psychological and social aspects of human sexuality. We recognized that indigenous and other communities will need to consider this matter in culturally apporpriate ways.


Third, while deferring the consideration of blessings, General Synod affirmed "the integrity and sanctity of committed adult same sex relationships". It was clear that this was a pastoral not doctrinal response to our faithful gay and lesbian church members.

While all of these issues passed with clear majorities, there were nine bishops who expresly disagreed with the use of the word "sanctity" referring to same sex relationships.


I commit myself as a Bishop of the Church to provide Episcopal care to all members of our diocese, not the last to those who are distressed by the individual positions taken on this matter.

[end of letter]

So... any thoughts on this? Personally I am against blessing same sex unions. I see this as the same as blessing any other kind of sin, like stealing, lying, etc. But postponing the vote on it is the one thing they could do that would make me respect them the least. I wish they would just get it over with and vote it in. I'm fairly sure that they're going to anyway. Not many Anglicans have read the whole Bible, and [at least at my church] they don't really take it all that seriously. I think I'll stop ranting now though.

In Christ

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