June 23rd, 2004



elu_meril, I was looking back to my first post here, and I'm wondering: Are you going to JBC this summer? I bet it's too late to apply if you haven't already, but it would be really cool if you were going.

God bless

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I just came across this group and it is awesome! I'm from Newfoundland and I'm very excited to see a group on Live Journal for Christians in Canada... I go to church every sunday, I got to youth group every friday, and to prayer meeting and other service throughout the week...

it pains me so to see so many people in newfoundland throwing their life away, I mean, Newfoundland is most popular for it's "home brew" and that's not a thing to be proud of... and another thing Newfoundland is known for is "george street"... I noticed Newfoundland wasn't in this groups interest... but just to let you guys know, Newfoundland isn't a province of sin... we have yc Newfoundland here every October (Jeff Deyo was here last year, he's amazing) and the youth of Newfoundland whjo are chrsitan's are just so on fire... I wanna see it spreading through the streets, people just falling on their face before the Lord, giving up their lives to him... and although it seems so far out of reach, and that's the thing sometimes, we don't have faith enough, but I really pray that that will happen, that Canada will just see the light! thanks for listening/reading, and God Bless all!

C is for Canadian, C is for Christ... lets bring Christ into the lives of Canadians!!!!
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