July 8th, 2004

Me As A Cartoon

A Survey I Made...

Contemporary Christian...
What Is Your Fave Contemporary Christian group?Jump5
Who Is Your Fave Contemporary Christian Singer?Stacie Orrico, and Jeff Deyo!
Do You Like Jump5 (my fave group)?OF COURSE, they're my fave!
What Contemp. Christian C.D Do You Recommend To Buy?Mis It Up, Jump5 Remixed
What Is Your Fave Contemp. Christian Song as of Now (List As Many As You Want)Wonderful by Jump5
Pick: FFH or Jump5?Jump5
Pick: Starfield or Jake?Starfield
Pick: Stacie Orrico or Michelle Tumes?Stacie Orrico
Pick: Point Of Grace or ZOEgirl?ZOEgirl
Pick: plus ONE or dc Talk?hard, I like them both the same!
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    "Enough" ~ Chris Tomlin