July 30th, 2005

The Future

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Something that came to me the other day...
Relationships are like walking barefoot. You know you can get hurt. You can choose to protect yourself from the cuts and scrapes buy putting on shoes. But then you can't get the freedom of walking uninhibited. You can also choose to protect yourself from the emotional entanglement of a deep friendship, simply by not having any. But then you don't have the good memories of laughing together, just for the sake of laughing. Just as it's nice to feel the ground beneath your feet, in the same way it is nice to feel like you belong to someone. The question is: is it worth it? That is a decision every person has to make for himself. Do you want to risk the pain to have the reward? A challange: next time you go to a place that doesn't have a 'no shoes, no service' sign, go barefoot. And think about the reward.
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