December 7th, 2007

Help a Pro-Life Christian Film-Maker - Vote for His Film!

Hi everyone, I’d really like all pro-lifers here to support a pro-life Christian documentary maker who is also a good friend of mine, John Hetherington. He’s been working on a documentary that I think could easily become the Inconvenient Truth of abortion. He’s already interviewed prominent pro-life and pro-choice figures – including Canadian figures Joyce Arthur and Dr Henry Morgentaler. This film could be BIG.

John is currently entered in a short film competition which if he wins would give him an internship in England with Academy Award Winner David Parfitt and the Trademark Films Production Team…. Imagine how that could boost his odds of having his documentary recognized on a wide scale – and getting our message out there!

So here’s what I need ALL of you to do: Go to and register so that you can vote. Then find ‘A Word on the Street’ by John Hetherington and vote for it. (

You can vote for it 15 times per day – EVERY DAY!

John is currently hanging around 5th and 6th place but in order to pull into the top three (top 3 per week move into the finals), he has to have at least 50 to 60 people who vote 15 times every day. Please be one of them and pass this on to ALL your pro-life contacts and pro-life friends. Let’s make this happen and help our pro-life brother give voice to the voiceless!

(To see more ‘A Word on the Street’ videos (his precursor series of cross-country street interviews), go to )