January 18th, 2008

1st Degree Morgentaler (Please vote, final round)

Check out this great short film:  http://shortfilm.projectbreakout.com/media_page/entry_id/219   Great interview with post-abortive woman who was aborted by Henry Morgentaler, the abortioninst who made Canada one of few countries to have no abortion laws whatsoever since January 28, 1988.

if you like the clip, please register and vote as per instructions 

(1. Go to http://shortfilm.projectbreakout.com/register to register
2. Go to http://shortfilm.projectbreakout.com/media_page/entry_id/219 and login to vote
3. Click on 'vote' 15 times... lather rince and repeat tomorrow and the next day.

thanks! And don't forget to pass this on to other pro-life/Christian friends and family! We need a good Christian film maker in the entertainment industry.


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