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Hi everyone! Happy New Year! Hehehe...well I'm new here...and I guess I'll give some background info on my faith.

I was born and raised in a Christian family (praise God for that), and my church was originally known as Indonesian Christian Church (ICC), but has moved into its own building (about 3-4 years ago or more), and is now known as Indonesian Christian Church Canada (yes, long name...lol). Anyway, I'm part of the youth group there called AYM (Anchor Youth Ministries), lead by Jesse. I suppose you could call me one of AYM's main graphic designers/general designers, as well as a back-up singer in the Music Team. I have a BIT of experience with the drums, and I can play guitar fairly well...though I seriously need to learn more chords. Anyway! Seeing as we're an "indonesian" church, the majority of our youth are Asian of course, but I am half-caucasian, half-asian.

Hmm...what else to say? I'm a big fan of Starfield and Switchfoot, but I also enjoy Point of Grace, Rebecca St. James, DCTalk, and many more. HILLSONGS RULE! Hahaha..yeah their music is amazing.

I'm 18, to turn 19 in October (2005), and...I'm in first-year University majoring in New Media Design and English.

Sheesh, I started out with background to my faith and ended up with a biography...hahaha...well, hope to get to know you all better! =)

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