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a prayer request that I need your help with....

Hey sorry for not being as active as I'd like to be in this community. But I have a big prayer request that I really need your help on.

In my bible study group I have this Christian friend, her name's Ruth, and she really needs a lot of prayer right now. Maybe I should explain a little more. Over this past year she's had several mental breakdowns and has been in-and-out of the hospital becuz of it. The devil has just been attacking her mind so badly, and it's been affecting her to the point where she'll have a breakdown, or even when she doesn't it shows in her appearance. I mean she'll be even shaky sometimes. My bible study group has been praying for her over this time, but we're not completely sure what's going on in her mind and why these attacks have been so bad. Some of us have gone to visit her in the hospital to pray with her, read her bible verses, talk with her, etc. But we don't even know if she's even listening to the things we say to her, if she's taking it in or not. She still believes in God and Jesus as her Lord and Saviour, but something in her mind is believing the lies of the enemy. Just recently she was out of the hospital and came to our bible study the teusday before last teusday, but just this last teusday we got the news that she had yet another breakdown and is now once again back in the mental ward of the hospital. We're still praying for her, my bible study is a really awesome close group and we're really trying do everything we can for her. It's just that when it seems like she's making progress and seems to be getting better, sooner or later she ends up having another breakdown and we end up back where we started. This has been going on for about a year now. So I just ask if everyone reading this could please pray for her, that this stronghold on her mind is released and her mind is set free, that she will not allow the devil to have any power over her or her mind, and anything else you can think of. Thanks in advance to everyone that prays for her, she is our sister in God's family and she needs our prayers.

And maybe if you could also pray that our bible study group stays encouraged and doesn't grow weary in doing good when it comes to praying for her and trying to help her, that the Holy Spirit will guide us in what to say to her and how to help her, that would also be much appreciated. Once again thanks everyone.


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Christians in Toronto?

I just moved from Ottawa to the Toronto area (not sure for how long) and am wondering who here is from TO?

Can you recommend any good churches with a good sized college and careers group? Maybe one that caters to university students? Something accessible to the Subway would be nice, although I'm living in Thornhill area so something around there would be good too.


Any YFC-ers?

Hey. I'm just wondering something. I belong to a christian yoth group called Yotuh for Christ ( YFC for short) whic is part of the family programs of the Couples for Christ (CFC) I am just wondering if any body in this community is a part of YFC? Just comment if you are. Thank you and God Bless
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(no subject)

Something that came to me the other day...
Relationships are like walking barefoot. You know you can get hurt. You can choose to protect yourself from the cuts and scrapes buy putting on shoes. But then you can't get the freedom of walking uninhibited. You can also choose to protect yourself from the emotional entanglement of a deep friendship, simply by not having any. But then you don't have the good memories of laughing together, just for the sake of laughing. Just as it's nice to feel the ground beneath your feet, in the same way it is nice to feel like you belong to someone. The question is: is it worth it? That is a decision every person has to make for himself. Do you want to risk the pain to have the reward? A challange: next time you go to a place that doesn't have a 'no shoes, no service' sign, go barefoot. And think about the reward.
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Prayer Request

Our Church is doing Vacation Bible School this week. Today was the first day. We had 62 KIDS!!!!! Some that were registered didn't evem show up. We thought we would only have 60, maximum 65 kids. God is really working. There must be a reason that their pouring in. perhaps the end is near and God wants every one to hear the Good News. Please pray for us this week. Thanks.
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Greetings and an introduction

Hello, all!

I would like to send greetings as your new mod, and an introduction. I was blessed enough to grow up in a Christian home and made the choice to become a Christian when I was nine. Some people make the assumption that I have an easy life because of my background. It is true that I don't have some of the challanges that others have, but I have problems of my own. I stuggle with depression regularly, but with God's help, I am coping. I love reading all your comments, so post with your questions, prayer requests, comments etc. Someone here should be able to give you a solution!

P.S. I'm a Canadian and proud of it!
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(no subject)

Hello everyone!
I am new to this community. My name is Pat and I am 15 years old. I am a christian and I live in Canada which is why I joined this community. I have been a christian since November.
I think it's wonderful that this community is out there for christians who are Canadians, a lot of the communities I'm in have the majority of people from America, not that there's anything wrong with that but it makes you feel like an outsider.
HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless.



i am going to be attending the university of ottawa in the fall, and i was wondering if anyone is from ottawa and knows of any churches within walking (or close busing) distance of the campus.

hello to everyone in the community, and i hope that somebody will know the city atleast a little bit.