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hello. sorry i am not canadian :-), i live in new york.

but i do however have a question though it may seem like a dumb question. i came across this community b/c i saw that the salvation army was among the interests. is the salvation army in canada well known for being a church there? i know here i grew up explaining to everyone who asked what church i went to, no, i do not go to church in the thrift store. so that is my tidbit of curiousity. thanks!
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Hey everyone. My name's Monika and I'm a native Canadian living in Valrico, Florida. Anybody here from the Vancouver, B.C. area? I grew up in Vancouver, Burnaby, and Coquitlam before I moved to FL almost 7 years ago.
I'm Catholic and very much involved in church.
I'm sooo excited about going to Universal Studios' Rock the Universe this Friday. Newsboys, Relient K...aghh! I can't wait.

So anything exciting going on in Canada? I'm hoping to go back and visit sometime. =)
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Hey! Sorry I havent been active, like AT ALL :\ I just wanted to say that I went to the mall yesterday, and I was in one of those urban stores, (urban Behavior) and I heard a switchfoot song in there, and then a stacie orrico song. I'm happy that christian music is getting out in the secular World :)
through the eyes of a child♥


Hey all, I just joined this community, so I thought I'd say hi! My name is Carla, I'm 20 yrs. old and from Winnipeg, MB. I'm also going into Master's Commission at my home church, Springs Church. And I'm super excited about it....and our church's youth group. Well, that's all for now, but I'll c-yaz all later!
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This is me!!!

Hey, I just joined this community and I think it's awesome!!! There is sooo much krap out there, that I finally found something worth reading!
My name is Tammy and I live in Windsor, Ontario. I am a worship leader and have been for ummmmmm I think about 3-4 years or so.... man!! has it really been that long? Currently I lead worship for our Hour of Power on Monday nights, and I am just starting, actually tonight, starting a youth band cause all of the 'youts' were kicked out for some reason. I am not a youth myself, but they needed someone to start things up again.
I have a been a Christian since I was about 9 years old which is amazing and God continues to work in my life no matter what the circumstances or how I am feeling.
Anyways, don't know what else to type right now, but keepin rockin!
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A Survey I Made...

Contemporary Christian...
What Is Your Fave Contemporary Christian group?Jump5
Who Is Your Fave Contemporary Christian Singer?Stacie Orrico, and Jeff Deyo!
Do You Like Jump5 (my fave group)?OF COURSE, they're my fave!
What Contemp. Christian C.D Do You Recommend To Buy?Mis It Up, Jump5 Remixed
What Is Your Fave Contemp. Christian Song as of Now (List As Many As You Want)Wonderful by Jump5
Pick: FFH or Jump5?Jump5
Pick: Starfield or Jake?Starfield
Pick: Stacie Orrico or Michelle Tumes?Stacie Orrico
Pick: Point Of Grace or ZOEgirl?ZOEgirl
Pick: plus ONE or dc Talk?hard, I like them both the same!
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elu_meril, I was looking back to my first post here, and I'm wondering: Are you going to JBC this summer? I bet it's too late to apply if you haven't already, but it would be really cool if you were going.

God bless

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I just came across this group and it is awesome! I'm from Newfoundland and I'm very excited to see a group on Live Journal for Christians in Canada... I go to church every sunday, I got to youth group every friday, and to prayer meeting and other service throughout the week...

it pains me so to see so many people in newfoundland throwing their life away, I mean, Newfoundland is most popular for it's "home brew" and that's not a thing to be proud of... and another thing Newfoundland is known for is "george street"... I noticed Newfoundland wasn't in this groups interest... but just to let you guys know, Newfoundland isn't a province of sin... we have yc Newfoundland here every October (Jeff Deyo was here last year, he's amazing) and the youth of Newfoundland whjo are chrsitan's are just so on fire... I wanna see it spreading through the streets, people just falling on their face before the Lord, giving up their lives to him... and although it seems so far out of reach, and that's the thing sometimes, we don't have faith enough, but I really pray that that will happen, that Canada will just see the light! thanks for listening/reading, and God Bless all!

C is for Canadian, C is for Christ... lets bring Christ into the lives of Canadians!!!!
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So... what does everyone think about this election in a week or so? I believe it's going to be fairly close, possibly a minority government. The problem with it is that Canadians don't trust anyone to run the country. We don't trust Paul Martin because he would steal large amounts of money for his friends, as the ad-scam has shown us. We don't trust Stephen Harper because he would axe healthcare and education. We don't trust Jack Layton because we fear the NDP. And we don't trust Gilles Duceppe because, well... he would split up Canada. I personally think that Jack Layton is the best one, which kind of scares me. Any thoughts?

In Christ

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